Our Clients, Previous Installations, and Real World Track Record

Yes, CAD is cutting-edge technology that delivers a number of bottom-line benefits.

But the natural questions for any cutting edge technology are:

1) Has it been tested and proven in the field? And
2) Does it work as well in practice as it does in the lab?

For CAD the answers are Yes and Yes.

Because our technology was pioneered by our sister company MK Plastics as their K-Kore plenums. Same Composite air handler construction, just used as plenums and energy recovery plenums as part of the sale of MK Plastics exhaust fans and systems.  The first K-Kore plenum was installed in 2011 for a hospital in Florida. Since then over 300 K-Kore plenums have been installed for customers in North America and the world, including a number of K-Kore energy recovery plenums.

And the installed SMACNA ratings, thermal performance, and corrosion immunity have exactly matched and lived up to the lab results and featured claims on this Website and all CAD marketing materials.

This is in stark contrast to steel systems whose real-world, installed corrosion resistance is significantly worse than lab-rated corrosion resistance, and whose total thermal performance is significantly worse than expected from their dubious claims of thermal breaks and high panel r-values.